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Total Bookkeeping Frequently Asked Questions

calculator At Total Bookkeeping we offer a wide variety of services tailored to your business. We can handle all bookkeeping for your business. Some of the ways we can help!

Q. What services do you provide?

A. We prepare all tax returns including individual, corporation, LLC and LLP, non-profit, trust, partnership, payroll, sales tax, property tax, and other taxes. We offer bookkeeping, financial statements, payroll preparation and consultation services.

Q. Do I need to visit your office to have my taxes prepared?

A. It is not necessary to visit our office. Many clients utilize the mail or express services to send their information to us. For new clients, we encourage a meeting so that we can discuss your unique tax situation.

Q. What size clients do you serve?

A. We provide services to home based businesses, professionals, and small closely held companies, as well as larger businesses and individuals.

Q. I want to start a new business. Can you tell me which type of business I should form?

A. Yes, we work with many clients just starting in business. We will assist you with business plans, budgets, entity type, payroll set-up, taxes and many other decisions needed for a successful business. We will lead you through the necessary governmental forms.

Q. By using my own accounting software, can I reduce my fees?

A. Our experience shows us that if you know something about accounting AND your computer software is set up properly from the beginning, it is possible that we don’t need to spend as much time on your accounting. But in some cases, the initial set up was not done properly and we end up spending more time ‘cleaning up’ the errors than if we had just entered the detail from the beginning.

Q. I prepare my own tax return, why use your services?

A. Many times you are correct and you can prepare and file a return. But did you take all the deductions? Did you take the available tax credit? Did you go to a tax course in the past 12 months? We find that many returns can be self-prepared but many are lacking in all the deductions that can be taken.

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