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Total Bookkeeping can handle all bookkeeping for your business!

Bookkeeping Services

calculator At Total Bookkeeping we offer a wide variety of services tailored to your business. We can handle all bookkeeping for your business. Some of the ways we can help!

Patricia Bolin CPA working on your taxes with a calculator
  • The client brings in all the raw data (bank statements, check stubs, deposit slips, cash receipts and any other pertinent data for the month/quarter/year depending on how we are basing the financial statement for the client. We will enter all the data, balance all accounts and prepare financial statements for the period.
  • Another way we can handle your bookkeeping is that the client enters the data on their computer and then we receive the information by disk, e-mail etc. We then check the data, will balance anything that needs to be balanced, and enter month/quarter/annual adjustments for assets, amortization of loans and depreciation.
  • We can also assist clients as needed with entering their data, setting up their accounting software or any other help as necessary.
  • We offer clients A/P and/or A/R services where we enter data at our office and through their instruction of who they want paid/billed, and we will take care of it all!

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